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Who is the MIlwaukee Fire Bell Club?


The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club is a group of fire buffs (fans) dedicated to the mission of the fire service. The Club, founded in 1947, is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization limited to 40 active members who are all volunteers. Club members consist of retirees and workers in the engineering, legal, medical, journalism, banking and communications field. Many of our members are retirees, interested in providing community service. The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club supports all area fire departments and related organizations.  

The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club holds monthly meetings at the quarters of Engine 33. Club members observe fire department training exercises, fire education programs, and other fire service causes giving generously of their time and money. One of the Milwaukee Fire Bell Club’s chief activities is the staffing of the Emergency Support Unit (ESU 1) and the Emergency Rehab Unit (Rehab 2).
The rigs provide canteen and rehab services to aid in the rest and rehabilitation cycles emergency workers require during extended operations such as major fires, the search for drowning victims, SWAT/hostage crises, and sometimes natural disasters such as the aftermath of a tornado. Rehab 2 has the additional capabilities of 2 private restrooms inside the rig giving Firefighter and Emergency workers an additional level of service not normally available on the scene of most incidents. 
When firefighters are undergoing heavy exertion over long periods, often in extreme hot or cold weather, the Fire Bell Members are there to hand out coffee, cocoa, Gatorade, lemonade, soup, stew, hamburgers, and other foods and beverages. All of the items are served free to firefighters and other emergency workers on the scene such as police, sheriff deputies, utility workers. The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club may (and has been) be called upon any time of the day or night, and during any weather condition.   

The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club is affiliated, as well as many other such clubs from around the country, with the International Fire Buffs Associates (IFBA). This association was founded in Milwaukee back in 1953 and it has been the tradition that every 10 years the Milwaukee Fire Bell Club hosts the IFBA's annual convention in the Milwaukee area.

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The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club, is proud to operate three
Emergency Response Vehicles in our response area.





Newly aquired rehab apparatus formally of Nashville Box 55 Association


Newly aquired rehab 1 is now in service)


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The Milwaukee Fire Bell Club is a 501 (c)(3) Tax Deductible Organization

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